Extracurricular Activity Information

In order to continue to have spectators at extracurricular activities Three Rivers School District has new requirements for spectators at school events. 
These include
  • Ensure all fans have and wear masks inside the facility.
  • No outside food/drink so there is no excuse to not be masked up.
  • Limit fans, each student athlete gets 4 tickets for themselves, visiting teams get 2 per athlete
  • Pausing Pep Band at games to allow for more seating(easier to social distance)
  • No concessions
  • Home cheer teams will be allowed, not visiting cheer.
  • Gym cleared between each game with the exception of coaches and players
Thank you for your support as we do all that we can to continue to keep players on the court, and fans in the stands. 



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IVHS is very fortunate to have a team of administrators, teachers and support staff who are not just quality educators, but great people as well. Our staff cares about the relationships that we build with students throughout their academic journey.


We offer our students a wide range of rigorous courses in order to help prepare them for their future endeavors. This requires our students to be committed and passionate about learning. We as a school provide support for any and all students with programs such as Intervention and after school Homework Help House. Our staff is committed to making sure that our mission of providing a safe and stimulating learning environment for all students is upheld each day.


It is our vision that staff, students, and community stakeholders can work hand in hand to help provide our students with a positive high school experience while moving toward the ultimate goal of graduation and beyond.  We can make a difference together and WE WILL.

Questions about Covid-19? Should my child go to school today?  
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