Student Safety

Here at IVHS we make student safety

our number one concern.

Our mission: To provide a SAFE and stimulating learning environment that every student can learn in.

The importance of student and staff safety is a daily conversation at IVHS. We incorporate Emergency Response Guides (ERG’S) in all classrooms as well as have the ERG’s electronically on staff phones that they can reference for procedures in any type of emergency situation. Some steps that we take daily here at the school are: locked exterior doors at all times during school hours, all visitors need to check into the office before going anywhere in the building, appropriate and consistent supervision, as well as monthly safety meetings and drills. We also keep in close contact with law enforcement regarding school safety and best practices. Please help us ensure the safety of staff and students through conversations with your student regarding items that are not acceptable at school, including: weapons of any kind, drugs or drug paraphernalia, alcohol and students being in appropriate areas during lunch and breaks. We are a closed campus for student safety reasons.

Thank you for your continued support of Illinois Valley High School.